political rant

We interrupt the regular (well, nearly occasional) posts on this blog to give a brief synopsis of the state of the world.  It's April 7th 2020 and we are three weeks into our coronavirus lockdown. You can't buy thermometers, web cams or toilet paper. Forget about medical supplies like gloves, masks and alcohol wipes. Doctors and hospitals can't even buy that stuff. While tensions are high with virus issues and people dying at catastrophic rates we are in the middle of a presidential election (at least here in the US). This is the single most important election in my lifetime, maybe in the history of United States of America. Our incumbent president is at best a buffoon, but he constantly lies and is likely a narcissistic, misogynist and racist bully. So we in our immediate family support the opposition and their platforms by giving some money. Things are very tight for most of us and the little bit we give takes from something else. There is no money laying around with nothing to do... 

Now here comes a rant;

What the fuck!!! It doesn't matter what your platform or political affiliation is or whether you are for or against capitalism, socialism or communism. It matters that you don't try to manipulate people, that you don't lie, that you care more about them than you. That you take the "golden rule" and expand it. Not just "Do unto others what you would have them do to you" but "Do unto others more than what you would have them do for you". If we care about each other - and I mean everybody - then the mechanics of how the system works are not important.

 I saw a poll question about what was more important: ousting the current buffoon or which high level plank in the opposing platform. Cool, I can answer that! I click through the poll, put in my name and email, click next where it asks for money. No big surprise, but this was a poll, not a pledge request. Options range from $5 to $100 with $13.62 the usual amount given. 13.62 is the usual amount??? Seems more like the average amount but whatever I can give 13.62. I barely notice to uncheck the box for monthly, I really can't afford the one-time donation. Then click :submit", feeling pretty good about helping defeat the buffoon. We have given what we can and probably a little bit more. Then the poll request come into my email,ending with a request for more money. I guess I should have expected that! Very few of the polls allow you to actually submit your responses without giving something. The requests come from the candidates for president and senate from my state, from senators of a party, from governors, from political parties, from human rights activists even from the buffoon himself. The one common thread in all the poll requests is they try to scam you into giving money. I got one today that said "Jaimie – my team combed through thousands of records for key supporters who have been critical to helping elect Democrats, and guess what? You’ve been selected as a top Democratic supporter". The request led to a poll where you can't submit your responses without a donation. I guess my opinions as a top supporter aren't as important as my $13.62. I have given money to both Bernie and Joe. It must be a coincidence that I got a request from Trump supporters a few hours later. When the fuck did political parties and candidates become con artists like the guy that calls telling me the warranty on the car (that I sold three years ago) has expired. Does this shit work? It truly escapes me how or why they work, but they do. 

I think it's a societal thing, us vs. them, democrats vs. republicans, capitalism vs. socialism - the extremes are dominating. Anyone in the middle needs to be tricked into supporting one side or the other. It's frowned on to have diverse opinions. 

And then there is Trump, the current buffoon and master manipulator. The Loki of our time, but with sinister intentions. If he's a genius at all (he's not) like he claims, then it's the trickster in him. It's the only way any woman could ever vote for him, never mind kiss him... ewwww

Please, please vote out Trump, he's the opposite of the golden rule. Also, I have a few surgeries I need before he fucks up Medicare. 

end rant 

Does anybody have some toilet paper?