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Transgender Day of Visibility

 Today, March 31, 2021 is "Transgender Day of Visibility". There are many levels of visibility that impact the transgender community and even more that affect individual transgender people. For this day in 2021, after all that's happened to the world in 2020, there is probably no more important message to the transgender people here in America than President Biden's message; Quite a difference from the previous years... The message is critical for transgender rights and our ability to get and keep jobs, homes and healthcare. Essentially if we are visible, then we must exist and exist as valued humans.  But visibility means more to each transgender individual. From visible in the mirror, to visible to our partners and families, to being visible to our local community. For me that thought of visibility even in the mirror, or maybe especially in the mirror was absolutely terrifying. While longed for and dreamed of, I thought of every possible excuse for keeping me invisi

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