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What would I tell my young self?

As part of a transgender support group, we had a recent creative challenge, “What would you say to your younger self?”. Yikes! What do I say? At what age do I impart my vast insight to my younger self? There are few ages where she encountered a crossroad or two, but do I even have any insight to impart? Well I certainly have some opinions for her, not sure how insightful they may be. I suppose I could talk to the 11 year me that lined up early from recess because she was tried of being bullied and left-out. While I waited there for the bell to ring, the less than empathetic Mrs. Darby saw the sniffling, puffy eyed child and said, “Why are you such a crybaby?”. I tried to deny the accusation, but she was technically right. I did cry often. I was scared and confused, feeling very inadequate as I tried to live up to what I looked like. I stood there numbly after our little exchange wondering, “What was the point?”. Was she trying to toughen me up? Thicken my skin? Prepare m

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