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political rant

We interrupt the regular (well, nearly occasional) posts on this blog to give a brief synopsis of the state of the world.  It's April 7th 2020 and we are three weeks into our coronavirus lockdown. You can't buy thermometers, web cams or toilet paper. Forget about medical supplies like gloves, masks and alcohol wipes. Doctors and hospitals can't even buy that stuff. While tensions are high with virus issues and people dying at catastrophic rates we are in the middle of a presidential election (at least here in the US). This is the single most important election in my lifetime, maybe in the history of United States of America. Our incumbent president is at best a buffoon, but he constantly lies and is likely a narcissistic, misogynist and racist bully. So we in our immediate family support the opposition and their platforms by giving some money. Things are very tight for most of us and the little bit we give takes from something else. There is no money laying around with not

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